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Instrument technical characteristics MT-55 Grain Moisture Detector-high precision portable acidity meter:

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From the date of purchase within one year instrument, is a product quality problem free repair replacement, lifetime supply of maintenance and technical services. The instrument has found anomalies or malfunctions please contact us to arrange the most convenient treatment options.

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Other methods that determine water content of a sample include chemical titrations (for example the Karl Fischer titration ), determining mass loss on heating (perhaps in the presence of an inert gas), or after freeze drying. In the food industry the Dean-Stark method is also commonly used.

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ASTM D6859 Oil Karl Fischer Titrator Water Content Analyzer is the newly developed full-digital intelligent

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Petroleum and Power Industry: Insulation Oil, Transformer Oil, Turbine Oil, etc.

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On the other hand, chilled-mirror devices are not subject to drift, and are not influenced by fluctuations in gas composition or changes in moisture content.

GD-8755 Transformer Oil moisture content analyzer

ASTM D6859 Oil Karl Fischer Titrator Water Content Analyzer

trace water tester by fully taking reference of the advantages of domestic and foreign similar instruments.

topology structure design, GD-8755 is in accordance with many domestic and foreign standards, with advantages

In biological applications there can also be a distinction between physisorbed water and "free" water — the physisorbed water being that closely associated with and relatively difficult to remove from a biological material. The method used to determine water content may affect whether water present in this form is accounted for. For a better indication of "free" and "bound" water, the water activity of a material should be considered.


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The convenient reagent is used, the water sample is placed in the reagent, the reaction can be read in a... Product Description. LDS-1G water content analyzer. Main function: a. It can weigh material automatically.